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Anh-Chi's pictures and stuff
Family Photo Album

My crazy family...


This is my silly brother on his picture to open a new window to HIS site.

To the right, me with April, Mark, and my poppie.


Christmas 1997, with April, Robert, a friend of Alex and someone whose name I forget.

Mark and I fighting

Here we got bored waiting for the camera to work again.


Here is my brother Alex, also known as Fattie-san. Please hire him for your gaming company. He is a real man.

Click on his picture to see his site and his super-cool Flash animation (and resume) :)


AC Mark April Poppie

Eric and Hoochie.jpg

Hoochie and her *envious sniff* fiance. Apparently they never argue. Is that normal?? This a really cute picture, anyway.


This is my cute and smiley cousin Adam with me :)

Mark and I

My older brother Mark and I, with my little Escort behind us that died in the middle of the road in 1998 :(